Magical scenes from a safari in Kenya

Is It Safe To Travel To Kenya?

Various Attractions and Wildlife Tours

Africa is a magical land filled with diverse cultures, interesting histories and a lot of wildlife. Besides that the country is renowned for its wildlife tourism. If you are planning a safari or a trip to Kenya, then choosing a safari package may be the right decision for you.

You can choose from safari safaris in Africa, safari holidays in Kenya or a tour to Kenya which takes you through all the wildlife parks in Africa. Wildlife reserves, farmlands, dense rainforests, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, mangrove swamps, cattle ranches, savannahs, elephant camps, game reserves, bird sanctuaries, national parks, water bodies, open plains, and bush fires.

There are plenty of options for you to choose from when you want to go out of your destination and explore the places on your way. Kenya has a number of tourism attractions to offer. Whether you want to go with your partner, family or friends, you can choose a holiday package that includes accommodation in one of the popular Kenya resorts.

Mombasa, Kenya

Here, you can take advantage of the facilities offered by these Kenya resorts. Make sure that the location you have chosen for your holiday and the accommodation is centrally located near all major tourist destinations.

You can also choose the most popular attractions for your holiday. Depending on your budget, you can also choose from the safari tours, cruise holidays, accommodation in the islands, tropical vacation packages and many more.

As Kenya is home to the world’s biggest wildlife reserve, you will surely get the opportunity to see the different species of animals which can easily be found in the parks. The wildlife tours are quite different from what you might be used to from other African countries, but they are very popular among tourists as well.

Is it safe to travel to Kenya?

Safety should be your first priority. Many people may have a question: Is it safe to travel to Kenya? When it comes to Kenya, the people of Kenya are extremely friendly and this makes traveling safe. However, this friendly approach is limited when you are traveling in Kenya.

You have to understand that the people of Kenya are very direct and do not like to see a foreigner with an attitude problem or illness. So if you want to know how to travel to Kenya safely, here are some simple steps that you should take.


If you choose to travel by yourself, you should go with a car and drive towards your destination as soon as possible. You have to travel with a guide so that you will know how to treat the natives and the country as a whole.

Make sure that you pay attention to the following safety tips: choose a hotel or guest house that you can trust, avoid paying any money for something that you can get easily or cheaply at the market, take a guide who is a local and does not know what he is doing, follow the advice of the locals so that you will not get lost and spend more time searching for the hotels.

An eVisa to Kenya – Easy and Convenient

Getting an eVisa to Kenya will enable you to enter the country’s immigration and passport control with no delays. All it takes is an electronic visa and a valid passport to enter the country. You can use your eVisa for only limited time, and the validity period is up to three months.

You may have to reapply for a visa when your electronic visa expires or for your second entry. The eVisa to Kenya is known as electronic visa because it doesn’t require you to go through the normal procedure of applying for a visa.


A visa is a formal permission which is issued by a local immigration authority that you need to get prior to your entry to the country. The eVisa can be used for various purposes including tourism, business, or transit.

In order to apply for an eVisa, you need to submit a form online, attach all the support documents and make a payment. The eVisa is a convenient tool to help you gain access to the country for a short time.