Grand Mosque, Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Top 10 Travel Destination In Saudi Arabia


Unique Holiday experience to Saudi Arabia

If you want an exceptional holiday experience, then have a visit to Saudi Arabia. The nation is blessed with a terrific number of tourism activities and attractions that will keep your taste buds itching for more.

Is it the awesome cultural diversity which you may discover on your journey or taking in the magnificent views of the Arabian Sea, a visit to Saudi Arabia will definitely make your memory stick out for a lifetime.

Whether you are planning a family vacation or a romantic honeymoon, you can make sure to find everything that you’re looking for in Saudi Arabia.

Mosque in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The culture of the nation is extremely wide. Various sections of the country have its own culture with its own food customs, unique dress and music.

You’ll find an idea about the culture of the people of the nation, and it’ll allow you to recognize the culture more in detail. As a tourist, you’ll have an opportunity to find out more about the culture of the nation.

Top 10 Travel Destination In Saudi Arabia

It is not a good idea to go to Saudi Arabia without making certain plans nicely. You have to plan to avoid missing out on the cultural experience and the overall experiences of going to the country.

There are various places to be seen while travelling to Saudi Arabia. Top 10 Travel Destination In Saudi Arabia includes Jeddah, Medina, Mecca, Jeddah Royal Port, Abha, Rabwa, Mina, Um Mohsen, Madinah, and Dammam.

Each one of these destinations has its own distinct features, including festivals, traditions, and habits. You will undoubtedly find this travel guide useful as it tells you where to see. If you would like to get the most from your visit to Saudi Arabia, you need to get the most from your trip guide because it will make your trip exciting and unique.

city of Medina

It is also crucial to plan your holiday well so you can spend your time wisely, to not lose out on some of the top destinations in Saudi Arabia.

Some of the most fabulous destinations include the city of Mecca, the renowned city of Jeddah, the traditional marketplace of Medina, the holy city of Medina, Abha, and Rabwa.

It’s extremely important to remain at least one night in the city of Jeddah, to experience the cultural aspect of the city. Another popular destination for tourists in the area is Mecca, a city famous for its two holiest sites – the mosque and the Kaaba.

A visit to Medina and a trip to Abha will take you into the real essence of the area. While visiting Mecca, be sure to stop by the gorgeous mosques of the city. It’s the environment, which is currently being transformed into heritage hotels. These cities are considered sacred to Islam, and they’re the most well-known Muslim cities on earth.

Electronic Visa to Saudi Arabia

If you’re arranging a visit to the Middle East, you’ll want to apply for an eVisa prior to your departure. You’ll be asked to hold this electronic visa on arrival and depart from the country.

It’s very important that you have the eVisa with your passport when travelling to the country. A computer with Internet access will be necessary to apply for your eVisa. You’ll also have to organize the fee to be paid by your credit card.


The first step to applying for an electronic visa would be to get the information on the internet. Then you want to fill up all of the application forms, including the personal details like passport information, and travel date, etc.

The applicant should have a valid passport to be able to apply for an E-Visa. Once all of the information is filled up, then the applicant should attach all the documents that are requested.

When You apply for an E-Visa to Saudi Arabia, you want to pay a processing fee. You must know that the application process takes some time. However, the fantastic thing about applying for an E-Visa is that you don’t have to leave your home. Everything can be finished online!