Chulgiri Jain temple , rajasthan

Where To Travel In India In March?

Well known holiday destination in the North East- India

India is a well known holiday destination in the North East. It is filled with exciting and scenic locations. Travelers and tourists have a chance to explore these intriguing and fascinating cities. The tourism industry of India is growing day by day. It is expanding to all parts of the country.

Holidays in India have something for everyone. For adventure lovers, there are many beautiful hill stations in India. For adventure enthusiasts, various adventure sports, families and honeymooners there are a lot of choices in different regions of India.

In the northern states of India, travelers can experience wildlife safaris. You can visit beautiful snowy mountains and experience snow white landscapes, glaciers and cool air during your stay in those areas. You can also travel in the hot sun during summers and enjoy its heat with your family. In winter, you can visit beautiful places to ski.

The deserts of Rajasthan

The deserts of Rajasthan, Udaipur and Jaipur are famous attractions for honeymooners. It is a beautiful place to be visited. During winter season, it is also an ideal destination for skiing. North India is one of the most popular destinations for skiing. You can also visit the holy city of Agra to celebrate your wedding and honeymoon here.

Ladakh is one of the most popular destinations for lovers of trekking, adventure and breathtaking beauty.

Its scenic beauty, abundant wildlife and mesmerizing natural beauty attract hikers and tourists from all over the world. This place is also famous for skiing and adventure sports.

Delhi has a number of historical monuments and historical sights. You can go on tour around India by visiting Delhi to spend some quality time with your loved ones. It is also a perfect place for a family trip.

Fun and Frolic in India

What is the best month to travel to India? The answer is March. Where To Travel In India In March? The Indian Month of March is a time when most tourists come to India. This Month is full of celebration and revelry which are synonymous with fun and frolic country widly.

The cheerful atmosphere can be seen everywhere as everyone is eager to participate in the life style of India.

March is also celebrated as the month of Gold. Gold is in fact considered as the most precious and important element of Indian lifestyle. Thus, for this month of Gold, many celebrations are organized.

Nahargarh, Rajasthan, India

March is the time to celebrate the Golden welcome of India when Queen Victoria of England visited India and received the greetings from Maharajah Hari Raya Nath of Mysore. They were welcomed on the streets of Lucknow by the British Queen.

This was the first time that Queen of England had ever arrived in India. Since then, the presence of the British Queen has always marked the arrival of the year in India. So, the importance of the golden welcome can be rightly seen at the month of March.

The tour operators of India arrange different programs for welcoming the visitors in India. These welcome parties attract a large number of guests during this Month. During the welcome parties, lots of food items like Chettinad Peppers, Poha (Paneer), Dals, Oats and Dum biryani are served.

Another food item is the Ras Malai or cooked rice. The greetings can be seen as large numbers of kids too come to welcome the visitors at the different parties of India. Even the birth of the baby of the tourists can be seen as they come to welcome them at the welcome parties organized by the tour operators. Thus, it can be said that March is the month for welcoming the tourists of India.

eVisa to India is fast and hassle free.

Travelling to India is no longer a problem. The reason for this is the provision of Electronic Visa which is now issued to most foreigners who are planning to visit India. This visa is a true boon for foreign tourists as it is one of the few travel documents that can be obtained in a fast and hassle free manner.

Every foreigner visiting India or relocating to India for a short period of time needs to go through the process of obtaining an Electronic Visa.


The first step is to get your valid passport and take a photo of yourself which looks formal. Then, consider what’s the main reason you are traveling to India. Maybe the reason could be visit family, attending yoga class or even for medical treatments.

Next, finish the form on the internet then attach the documents mentioned previously. Needless to say, you need to pay for the processing fee. After all the procedure, applicants need to wait for few days to receive the result by email.

With the approval, applicants need to print it on a paper and show it to immigration officer at borders with the valid passport.